A Story of Hope

For many of us, it's hard to imagine having to choose between whether to go to the Doctor's Office or pay a phone bill, to have a checkup when ill, or put off such an exam to buy groceries instead.  Sadly, there are persons and families in Oldham, Henry, Trimble, and Carroll counties whose life circumstances do not allow them the possibility to pay for basic, needed healthcare services.  When an illness or other health issue arises, they often feel despair and hopelessness.

Hope Health Clinic's mission is to provide such under-served persons and families with an opportunity to have access to basic health services, giving them a basis to hope for a better, healthier future.  With the Support of Baptist Hospital Northeast, local government, community agencies, and the Oldham County Ministerial Association, Hope Health Clinic offers patients an opportunity to experience and enjoy physical as well as spiritual health.  Motivated by the compassion of Christian love, our desire is to offer basic health services while also standing alongside to encourage and nurture those in need.  We can only share our "story of hope" with those who need to hear it through the support and participation of people just like you.

Why not take a moment to learn how YOU can help share the story of hope?  Please visit our Volunteer and Donate sections on this web site to find out more.


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