If you are looking for a rewarding, meaningful opportunity to serve in your community, Hope Health Clinic is a perfect connection for you.  We match your skills and interests to available opportunities.  You will work with a team of committed volunteers on a regular schedule which allow you to build friendships while connecting with others.

Volunteer Opportunities

Patient Meet and Greeter: Which includes use of online scheduling program, answering phones and talking with patients who arrive for appointments.

Medically trained individuals: To assist providers by triaging patients, performing simple laboratory tests and other patient care needs as necessary. Nurses, RN, LPN, & MA are needed to help treat patients.

Medical Providers:  Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants and Physicians on a volunteer basis to provide primary care.  

Medical Specialists:  Willing to provide care for one or two patients a month in their office with follow up care and with financial qualification provided by HHC staff.

Building Care:  Helping as needed to paint and perform simple tasks around the clinic and/or assist with weekly cleaning of the clinic.  

Board Committees:  We are always seeking individuals who would be interested in serving on one of our board committees. Contact Janet Warren (502-225-6711 or for additional information.


If you would like to volunteer, please take some time to fill out our volunteer application.


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